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Meet Hans Alnando

Internship: Business Development, Jakarta, Indonesia
Current Internship: Regional Marketing Analyst, Singapore
University: National University of Singapore
Degree: Marketing, minor in Economics 

Hans started out at university studying Economics, but quickly discovered he loved Marketing, so he switched his major. For him, it’s about understanding markets, consumer behaviors and diving into data to strategically build two-way relationships. His internship experiences at Cargill have given him the chance to analyze markets in Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. Hans’ insights, creative thinking, storyboarding and PowerPoint skills have helped him see his impact. He sees his biggest contribution as supporting his team and supervisors as they prepare to launch new products or develop a new strategy. Eventually, Hans would love the opportunity lead a project that makes a positive impact on consumers and the global market.  

Is it important to you that Cargill has a global footprint?

I think so. Working for a global company gives me the opportunity to understand different markets, especially in Singapore where there is a small land space. I think having a company with a global footprint allows me to have that bigger market understanding. And understanding how an overall strategy translates to a regional strategy that translates to a local strategy. I think that kind of exposure is beneficial.

What’s one of the best things you learned during your internship?

Storyboarding – in every firm, there is not a lack of data, it is how you make sense of it. What I’m really learning at Cargill is how to use the data to structure a story of what we want to say to our customers.

Have you been able to collaborate with people outside your unit/department?

My first internship was in Business Development, so I had to meet with various people (for example R&D). In fact, I went to one of the labs near Jakarta so I could learn how they make and test bread.

What type of projects have you been involved in?

Mostly market analysis. The projects vary in nature, from elderly nutrition in Japan and plant-based protein to clean labels. The work is very focused. We utilize available data and information to craft a compelling story for current and potential customers.  I’ve been lucky to be given the opportunity from my supervisors to build parts of the PowerPoint decks used to launch ingredients from the U.S. into the APAC region.